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"We have set up a Philanthropy Project in the UK to partner with restaurants (and in the future hotels, members clubs, etc), to raise money for charities which help those who are homeless.


On any given day, the amount raised by the hospitality venue will be matched by us, pound for pound. All the credit for raising the money will be given to the hospitality venue, all donations will be given directly from the venue to the charity, and we will do all the 'heavy lifting' (administration work and covering any necessary costs).


We hope this project will last for many years, raising a large amount of money for the charities we partner with."


Mahesh Khilnani

  • Project Manager, MCHP

Mahesh Khilnani lives in London, England. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Management from King's College London, and a Masters degree in Sociology and Management from University of York. His professional experience to date is in public sector compliance and he has worked for Homes England. He previously did a Philanthropy internship at Coutts bank and he regularly gives to charity as a private donor.



Subodh Chanrai

  • Group Executive Chairman, Chanrai Summit Group

  • Chief Financial Backer, MCHP

Subodh Chanrai is based in Singapore and spends some of his time in London. He is the Executive Chairman of Fareast Mercantile Co. International Limited, engaged in sales, supply chain, and distribution of branded products in the food, fast-moving consumer goods, and appliances space in Africa. Subodh is also the Director of Tulsi Eye Hospital in Nashik, a family charity providing free eye care to those in need. His other philanthropic interest is in education and he is on the board of Northeastern University.

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